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Historic Data

Extraction and analysis of Historical data which can be made available to you from any date to any time.


Data scrapping form 10 different sources such as Google Play Store, Glassdoor, Twitter, Times of India etc. Is extracted in the form of Names, Location, Reviews and many other topics to determine the sentiments in various demographics and segments.

Weekly Reports

Weekly Email and PDF reports of the sentiment analysis and Dashboard data.

Be smart and Beat the completion

Dynamic Dashboard

Artifiq is a powerful BI tool, providing the highlights of the public sentiments to get the most of the product at a quick glance and at a coarser level.

Access to Users

You can create your own custom dashboards and present them to the management. No more PPTs and pivoting in Excel spreadsheet. Share live & actionable Dashboards.

Brand and Competition’s Social Data Analysis

Brand and competition’s Social Data Analytics from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Metric such as engagement, reach, impressions, content analysis, influencers, demographic, views, clicks etc. to know in detail about how market is driven.

Unlimited access to everything

Unlimited Access

Complete System Implementation in your office space providing you unlimited access and power to change and analyze dashboards anyway you want.

Customized Topics

Select as many topics you need in order to get the best analysis possible for you company. We will incorporate each and every topic of your choice in the system to help you redefine you markets and address your Pain areas.

Unlimited Sources

Coverage from all blogs, forums, mainstream news, Consumer forums, Twitter, Facebook public pages Instagram and many more according to the your need to help you gain knowledge about public sentiments and showcase Growth Drivers.

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