Our Features

Social Media Analytics

An answer to 'What your consumers say about your product

With an increasing reliance on electronic gadgets and platforms, social media has emerged to become the one stop destination for all the consumers.

Predictive Analytics

An answer to 'What will happen?

Considering the dynamics of your business in this changing world, we also provide you with predictive analysis report, in which, insights of company's.

Descriptive Analysis

An answer to 'what happened?

So, we also perform descriptive analysis, in which, we analyze the historical data for gaining a better comprehension of exploratory trends.

Prescriptive Analysis

An answer to 'what should we do?

Analyzing the outcomes of the descriptive and prescriptive analysis, our tool performs prescriptive analysis to determine the ideal.

Audio & Video Analysis

IntelliSENT is not just limited to textual mentions, it is also enabled to draw out the sentiments through audio and video sources. So now, this is what we call “Social Listening”.

Analyzing the top influencers

One cannot ignore the fact that mentions are heterogeneous. The relevance of the mention for the brand would vary from author to author. Keeping this in mind, IntelliSENT allows the brands to analyze the impact of the mentions through influence rating.

Peer benchmarking

In today’s time of increasing competition, a brand’s quality has a high correlation with their competitors’ standing. Hence, IntelliSENT also offers you a picture of your counterparts in the industry.

Dynamic Updates through reports

The process of gathering information about your brand on the online front is no more going to be a tedious one, because with IntelliSENT, you would receive simultaneous updates about your brand, and they will be open to modification on the basis of format, and representation.

Online Response Management

An unattended consumer is a lost consumer. Keeping this in mind, IntelliSENT also aids the brands in catering to the complaints and suggestions from their customers through a prompt, and efficient response management system.


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