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With an increasing reliance on electronic gadgets and platforms, social media has emerged to become the one stop destination for all the consumers. So, analyzing the customer sentiments on social media is a pivotal job for analyzing the progress of the business.
The accuracy of sentiment analysis is very much dependent on the volume of the sentiments on social media. Predictive Analysis is analysis of the representation of the future of your company's progress, based on a multi-dimensional analysis of your company's historical trends till date. IntelliSENT works on the foundation of finely defined algorithms, which adds to the precision and plausibility of the tool.
Our tool enables the users to get the whole web and social data in just one click, which would help them to access tremendous amount of data in seconds. And as they say, just like money, time is also an investment. So, keeping this thought in mind, we give utmost priority to providing our users with an ideal combination of precise and accurate data, along with a user friendly interface. Moreover, we provide our users with an access to management of their pain areas, and mitigation strategies through accurate recommendation system. Above this, our tool would also enable its users to access their future performance through our predictive and descriptive analytics. So, it's a one stop destination for your company, with the best offerings and commercials associated with it. Hence, it would provide its users with extraordinary Return on Investment.
A tool, which has the ability to provide its users with insights of their future business scenario and prospects, would indeed, be one and only of its kind. So, IntelliSENT's predictive and descriptive analytics services create a clear line, which differentiates it from other tools of its kind. Moreover, IntelliSENT is open to customization from the side of the users' needs, which makes it more potent of catering to the changing requirements of the users with changing dynamics of the market. Along with a plethora of offerings on one screen, it marks an identity of itself, different from other tools of its kind.
Social listening can help you get into the heads of your customers. Thanks to the ability to track conversations from all corners of the web, you can get real insights into what people think and how they feel regarding your business. With the customizable searching capabilities and metrics like emotions and sentiment analysis, demographics and audience interests among other datasets, you have nearly infinite audience data points to easily and accurately discover the insights that matter to your business.
Your goal is to fill people’s needs and wants and offer the solutions to their problems. Social listening helps you figure out what those are. A travel brand could use social listening to discover that the biggest crux to people’s travel experience is the many inconveniences of getting from place to place once they’ve reached their destination. They could then offer solutions to these problems, such as creating materials like guides and tips to getting around town where their customers are going. The takeaway here: know your customers problems so you can be the best solution.
The community discussions online could turn your ear to something you hadn’t yet considered about your audience. If you can pinpoint a problem or interest from your audience before anyone else, you could get a leg up in your industry and beat competitors to the punch. Social listening can absolutely help you find something that’s not being addressed in the market place. By analyzing social conversations, you can discover the sweet spots where your brand can help and that your competitors aren’t privy to.
One of the great things about social listening technology is that it can take you back to the early days of social media so you can look into the time capsule of online conversation. The historical record provided by a listening tool allows you to look at a specific fixed timeframe so you can measure past performance of your efforts. For example, a luxury car brand can see how their winter holiday campaigns performed in 2014 and compare it to 2015 and 2016 to help them prepare for the 2017 holidays. Using this historical data, you can set your benchmarks more precisely.
The research that goes into customer segmentation, target personas and social media monitoring is exhaustive and can take a lot of time. Since we’re all in the business of saving precious time, social listening technology helps us to get to the heart of the data about our customers, fans, followers and detractors faster.
Similarly, if you are launching a new product, you can see what the public has to say. The searching capabilities of listening platforms can help you discover topics related to your business, in depth and far reaching throughout the entire internet. Put yourself in a position to monitor the fast-tracking reaction to your new products, optimize your approach and take the learnings and apply them to future product launches.
In the same respect, you can actively monitor what’s being talked about a given topic that is pertinent to your business. For example, if you wanted to see what brands are saying about National Ice Cream Day, you can search the appropriate terms and see all the different posts, comments, and hashtags and the latest content from influencers and publications. By keeping tabs on the community conversation, you can stay one step ahead with your marketing and advertising campaigns and tactics.

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