Shift Purple

Shift Purple is a Supply chain and SAP Consulting company. With a passion for working on a vision to make "Business User Adoption" a measure of success, it has been working for more than 2 decades of deep domain, and technology implementation skills.

Shift Purple wanted to check their standing and reputation as compared to other seasoned companies in the market.


Glocal is a leading Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (ORPO) firm with offices in USA and India, and branches around the world. They employ virtual teams, deep domain experience and local insight to help their clients to recruit talent globally.

Glocal wanted to check their level and reputation as compare to other seasoned players company in the market.

Chrome DM

Chrome DM is the primary research and data analytics company. They operate in the field of broadcast distribution audit & monitoring, market research and media services. For the auditing purpose they need to match the channel logo with channel number and channel name. In this they need our help to make all this process automate

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