Problem Statement

Shift Purple is a Supply chain and SAP Consulting company. With a passion for working on a vision to make "Business User Adoption" a measure of success, it has been working for more than 2 decades of deep domain, and technology implementation skills.

Shift Purple wanted to check their standing and reputation as compared to other seasoned companies in the market. They were interested in checking their weak and strong areas in comparison to other competitors by viewing peer -benchmarking analysis of their offerings and solutions in this space.

Technlogy Used

Artifiq has used their In - house Flagship Product "IntelliSENT" to cover Sentiments, Reviews, Feedback from their customers and vendors to get designed social analytics platform which consists of ORM (Online reputation management), Social Listening, Recommendation System, and Peer Bench Marking which gave them competitor's sentiment and feedback dashboard which shows Shift Purple's standing in this space against other players .
Artifiq has used their in - house NLP framework (Natural Language Processing system), Extractor APIs and Python Scripts to Fetch Data from Various social sites like Twitter, Indeed, Complaint board, Glassdoor, Times of India etc.
APIs were used to fetch data from social channels and pushed it into NLP, which read all the fetched data and translated those comments into good, bad, very bad, neutral, very good sentiments along with the polarity of the comments/reviews.
This data was stored into a database layer and the Visualization layer (Qlik Sense and MS Power BI) showed these polarities and sentiments by different views / dimensions like geography, channel Source, Emotion, Segments, Time Hierarchy, Area, and etc .
It showed the quality of the initiative, the strong and weak areas for Shift Purple along with the reputation of their competitors in the same space.


Our product solved the above issues using a product based on the Dashboard, Analysis and Report (DAR) principle .
  • The DASHBOARD section of the product is the most basic aspect of the same, which provided highlights of the public sentiments to get the most out of the product at a quick glance (high level).
  • The ANALYSIS section of the product provided further insights into the analysis. The public sentiments were divided into various segments and demographics (geographies), so as to provide and help the client to keep check on the public sentiments of the masses in these divisions.
  • The REPORT level of the product provided the most granular details, showcasing the individual reviews and sentiments of the public along the lines of divisions of masses described above.

The solutions described above are based on an analysis of real- time scenario which helps the client to assess their success dynamically and from time to time.

Imapcts /Benefits

IntelliSENT helped Shift Purple in the following area.
  • An Improvement in Customer Satisfaction was noticed.
  • We Demonstrated Peer Benchmarking and Indexing using IntelliSENT's Competitor dashboard.
  • We gave them Actionable Insights to improve decision making.
  • We provided them with geography spread and Penetrations Ratio for Shift Purple's customers in EMEA AND NA.
  • Increased the ROI BY 14%.
  • Shift Purple was able to get their Pain/weak areas where they need to improve and work upon to match the expectations from the client in comparison to other peers.

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