Problem Statement

Chrome DM is the primary research and data analytics company. They operate in the field of broadcast distribution audit & monitoring, market research and media services. For the auditing purpose they need to match the channel logo with channel number and channel name. In this they need our help to make all this process automate

Technlogy Used

Recognizing active channels on the screen is a task achieved by the image recognition. By using computer vision, the simple computers can be powered to recognize images and object within it. To recognize the active channel we need to get the logo flashing on the screen. Based on the logo live updates TV screen can be recognized. The recognition will involve deep learning and AI techniques. Python will be used as programming language for the project. We will also use other technologies like TensorFlow classification and Open CV for image recognition and will also use libsvm. Python will work on Video analysis part. It will recognize the video and then it will capture some images from video. Then we will apply the image recognition part by applying the detection in all the corners of the screen. It will do the detection part with the help of pixels and then find the common image. By this we will get the channel logo and accordingly we can get the channel name and channel number.

India's largest primary research company.

Imapcts /Benefits

This will reduce the manual work of data entry for ChromeDM and also the Channel Detection via logo is the most accurate way to recognize the channel and then we can directly match it with the channel name and number. It provide the least noise prone and fine grained data and also the accuracy and speed of data entry will also increase. This process will also help ChromeDm to audit that the right channel is streaming on the right channel no. as decided by the company and the cable operator.

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